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International Orders and Payment Policies

  • International Shipping Information
  • Regrettably, we are unable to ship goods internationally in strict accordance to New Era's Internet Sales Policy.

    Although we are a Authorized Dealer, all dealers were subject to the terms and conditions set forth by this new policy. The major clause is the sales of goods outside of the Continental US.

    Part of the reason is the licensing agreement in which New Era has agreed to with the Leagues. Goods made for the US Market must be sold only within the US and hence cannot be sold to other markets in which hold different licensing structures.

    Effective 11/11/2013, is unable to ship goods outside of the US. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to all of our fans overseas. However, we will be working with New Era to possibly come up with another solution to offer our goods to our International customers soon. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Any questions about this policy or further information of International sales should be directed to our email.

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