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  • Our Philosophy and Mission
  • 1.) To provide the best matching New Era Fitted Caps for your sneakers.

    2.) To provide the most eclectic selection of hats in the galaxy.

    3.) To be a on-line shop unlike any other offering a great shopping experience!

    • Who is
    • Situated in the historic downtown district of Paterson, NJ, we started as a family owned and operated sportswear super store that has been in operation since 1995. We offer a unique combination of New Era Hats, Urban Apparel and Accessories.

      As business grew, we've expanded to our second retail store offering a massive selection of custom New Era Hats, jerseys and sneakers. Nonetheless, as demand for exclusive New Era Hats grew exponentially beyond our stores, we decided to open our online mega store, in May of 2005. After 6 successful and growing years, began it's own independent operation. All items ship from our warehouse within 1-2 business days.

  • What we offer and why shop from us?
  • We are purveyors of exclusive custom New Era Fitted Caps to match all types of sneakers as well as other fine urban apparel and footwear. A growing list of unique brands as well as traditional ones are offered on We are a F1 Authorized New Era Dealer as our creative experience, expertise and relationship with New Era allows us to envision endless possibilities.

    We are consumers of what we sell, which means if we don't like it, we don't offer it to our customers. Our patrons, fans family and friends are the main driving factor behind our philosophy and business. We continuously strive to offer the hottest and never before seen custom New Era Hats hence the reason why we picture them with the shoes that match our hats. All products are available on a limited to ultra limited edition releases and tend to sell out in a matter of minutes to days. Therefore, unlike a local hat shop in the mall, our selection of custom hats will not be found anywhere else. Still not convinced? Feel free to browse through and you will see why we are leaders of what we do.

    • What's different with the new site?
    • has evolved throughout the years, going through 3 design modifications and updates. The initial led the way to our on-line services. As we evolved, we offered new features and design aesthetics for easier navigation, faster load time, integration of PayPal as a form of payment and overall stability.

      You will notice a new and exciting overall layout and design, going with a lighter tone instead of the drastic blacks and grays for a more serene and easier on the eyes feel. We've implemented new features to make shopping easier as well as made the site flow more easily. We are continuously looking for ways to improve and facilitate the overall use of our site. This is the Evolution.

  • Impostors, Scammimg and Imitation Websites
  • They say imitation is the best form of flattery. Apparently, there have been reports of fake sites using our pictures and content popping around the Internet. Such sites are making unauthorized use of our content, pictures and trademarks to hoax potential victims in to thinking that they are affiliated with

    We are NOT affiliated in any form, shape or way with these scamming imitation sites. They may show our pictures and imitate our site, but DO NOT purchase anything. If you see or come across any of these sites, please help us report them to the authorities and the FBI. These sites have their servers hosted in China and are a scam. Don't be a victim of cyber fraud by utilizing these sites. Only purchase releases from

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